Employee Concern

Report Employee Concerns or Conduct

Report incidents or concerning employee behavior that is happening in the University of Florida community. Navigate using the buttons below to connect with the appropriate reporting mechanism to share information related to employee conduct or concerns.

If you believe that a situation you are reporting is an emergency and requires immediate attention, please call the University Police Department at (352) 392-1111.

Who is an employee?

At the University of Florida, anyone who receives a paycheck is considered an employee. Employees may belong to different employment classifications including; faculty, staff, graduate assistant, student assistant, fellow, post-doc, resident, intern, housestaff, or OPS worker.

All of these classifications are employees and each classification has a variety of job titles. Faculty includes professors, assistant professors, deans, lecturers, and other academic personnel. Staff includes law enforcement, physicians, as well as, technical, executive, administrative, and managerial support (TEAMS) positions.

Anonymous Employee Hotline

Report Anonymously Online


The Ethics and Compliance Hotline is a confidential/anonymous way for employees to report concerns of suspected policy violations or misconduct. The UF Compliance Hotline is hosted by a third-party vendor to safeguard the anonymity of callers. The UF Compliance Hotline is accessible at any time of day and can be reached at 1-877-556-5356 or online through its Web Reporting System.

Academic Concerns

Use this form to report issues and conflicts related to academic matters and concerns within the classroom including grade disputes, instructor/student conflict, dismissal from programs of study, and the interpretation of university policy as it applies to academically related issues to the Office of the Ombuds.

Report Academic Concerns

Employee Misconduct

Use this form to report employee misconduct which may involve allegations of harassment or discrimination based on protected class, or an employee in violation of a UF regulation or policy, to Human Resources Employee Relations.

Report Employee Misconduct

Gender-Based Harassment

Report incidents of gender-based discrimination, harassment, or violence. This includes sexual assault, sexual exploitation, sex discrimination (inclusive of gender identity and sexual orientation), sexual harassment, dating and domestic violence, retaliation, and stalking to the Office for Accessibility and Gender Equity.

Report Gender-Based Harassment

Report Disability Discrimination

This form is for reporting incidents of disability-based discrimination to the Office for Accessibility and Gender Equity.

Report Disability Discrimination

Bias Incidents

Use this form to report bias to the Division of Student Life RESPECT Team. The bias can be reported as being done by students, employees and others and being done to students, employees and others.

Report Bias Incidents

Compliance Hotline

This is the university’s main compliance reporting mechanism. Use this form to report any potential legal, policy, or ethical conduct violations or concerns to the university’s Central Compliance Office.

Users may remain completely anonymous throughout the process.

Report Compliance Concerns

UPD Silent WItness

Anonymously report incidents of crime or disruptive behavior occurring on campus to the University of Florida Police Department.

Report Crime

UPD Citizen Complaint

This form is for reporting incidents of  mistreatment or inappropriate behavior by an employee of UF Police Department, or dissatisfaction with the quality of service provided by our UPD.

Report UPD Dissatisfaction

Construction Site Harassment

Use this form to report sexual or gender-based harassment at campus construction sites to the Office for Accessibility and Gender Equity.

Report Construction Site Harassment